sponsorsRadio Advertising Sponsors – Call to Action

Radio America builds campaigns around a “call to action theme” that promote community awareness and well being.  Being a radio advertising sponsor of these campaigns is a great way of creating goodwill for your business as well as building your brand.  Some of these campaigns are run in tandem with community-wide events, such as festivals, conventions and holidays.  Radio America offers you a chance to be part of what is happening in your local community right now!  Of course, every message you sponsor can be customized to highlight your own “call to action special offers”, sales, grand openings, new locations or new services.

Top of Mind Advertising

Your messages can also be part of your “top of mind” advertising strategy.  Radio America will place your message on the air in prime times in front of thousands of listeners.  They’ll remember you as well as your message the next time they’re in need of your products or services.  We’re proud that most of the businesses on the air with Radio America are repeat radio advertising sponsors, keeping their name in the community spotlight.

We Make it Simple

Our sales representatives and customer service staff are pros at keeping the process simple!  They’ll assist you in taking your unique selling proposition from idea to broadcast-ready copy in one or two short phone conversations.  You’ll know the exact air times and where to tune in to hear your messages.  We’ll confirm it all in an easy to read schedule mailed to you well in advance of your first air date.

Radio America is ready to serve you Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM CST at (800) 866-RADIO, that’s (800) 866-7234 or contact us.